Guaranteed issue rights are what protects you from medical underwriting. The medical insurance companies, try to analyse every factor before providing health insurance and while calculating the coverage. Many companies use your medical history as well as pre-existing condition data. With the help of this information combined, they determine whether they will cover you or not. And if they would cover you how much will they charge. This process is called medical underwriting.


There are two ways by which you can escape from medical underwriting. One is to apply for enrollment in a Medigap policy during the Open Enrollment Period (OEP). OEP is a six month period where you can apply for the medicare policy after you have turned 65 or older and have part B of the original medicare. No company can then use your medical history to deny coverage or to increase the cover charge.


The second way is if you have guaranteed issue rights. This occurs when you are exercising your right because either you lost your health insurance because you moved to a place, not inside the network of your policy or because the situation wasn’t in your control.


There are certain situations in which you can exercise your rights.


  1. If you have a medicare supplement plan, and you are moving to another region out of the network of the plan


  1. When you decide to switch from a medicare supplement plan to the original medicare plan within the first 12 months of joining


  1. When you switch from a Medigap plan to a medicare supplement plan or when you switch from a Medigap supplement plan to a Medigap plan


  1. If you lose a medicare insurance plan of no fault of yours (maybe because the insurance company went bankrupt, or ended its agreement with medicare)


  1. When you have original health care along with a union employee health plan and the plan is about to end.


In all of the above situations, legal help can help you to exercise your rights so that the private insurance agency cannot violate your rights and use it against you to either deny you a health coverage or to increase the charge for covering your health expenses. Want a Mutual plan? Sign up by clicking